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Psalterium s.r.o.
 Tourist services:
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High quality Czech gift items
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Psalterium s.r.o. has extended its activities to include operation of a tourist information centre, which it opened in 2012 in The Golden Melon House on Michalská in the attractive city district of Prague 1 – in the Old Town.

Literally a few steps from the Old Town Square, you will find the beautiful premises of a historical building where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Baroque Prague with Renaissance and Gothic elements.

Here, apart from tourist information about places of interest in Prague and its surrounding areas or about the Czech Republic, you can also gain an overview of current cultural events, purchase tickets for concert or theatre performances, and we will even provide you with tips for trips or places to go for good food, places where you can purchase quality genuine Czech products as well as ensuring comprehensive tourist services for you.

There is also a small gallery here with exhibits for sale that sells devotional items (icons, statues of saints, crosses, single-decade rosaries and rosary beads of various sizes etc.), postcards, art prints, historical and hand-painted glass and other gift items.

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The Golden Melon House

Michalská connects Uhelný trh with Malé náměstí and Melantrichová str. Access is however gained to it via the passages in the adjacent buildings. It measures about 250 m. It gets its name from the Church of St. Michael, which has been here since the 12th century. This is why it was first called “At St. Michael’s” and in the 18th century, “Melounová” after The Golden Melon House. Two Gothic buildings originally stood here in the Middle Ages, of which the northern one was magnificently renovated in the late Gothic style into a city palace and extended to the south. The stone Gothic gables have been preserved. Renaissance conversion then followed in the 16th century including new Renaissance cellars and addition of a part with vaulted stables, where our gallery is also to be found.

In the18th century, the family of the Counts of Chotkov converted both buildings in an impressive Baroque style.

In the 19the century, a dance school was for example housed here, in which Jan Neruda met the love of his life, Anna Holinová. The house was also a centre of revivalist life in Prague.

A piano rental office was also located here in which Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky played, as did Sergei Rachmaninoff, Anton Rubinstein, Hans von Bulow and others.