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Psalterium s.r.o.
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Psalterium was founded in 2001 by the non-profit organisation Society of Spiritual Music (SSM), whose calling is, as is already evident from its name, to contribute towards the advancement of spiritual music. SSM organises music schools, courses, seminars, conferences, organises and co-organises concerts, festivals, issues publications and other materials, as well as spending significant funds on reconstruction and renewal of organs, thus helping to renew and develop spiritual and cultural life all over our country. It uses incomes created by Psalterium to finance these activities.

It would probably not even be possible to name all of the enterprises which SSM has taken fundamental or partial credit in the creation of together with Psalterium. Probably the largest, most important and most famous is the International Spiritual Arts Festival known as the St. Wenceslas Festival, which has existed since 1992. One of the regular and now established events is the St. John Festival held in May with great participation by the people, both in St. Thomas Church, as well as on the procession to the statue of St. John of Nepomuk on Charles Bridge and also during the finale at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi on Křížovnické náměstí. The Convivium summer school of spiritual music has already become an international school, the St. Cecelia Meeting provides an opportunity for all those who want to contribute to the advancement of spiritual music to meet. To name but a few of the music competitions: the Dvořák Composition Competition (2004), held in cooperation with the liturgical committee of the Archdiocese of Prague and the Diocese of Plzeň. We have been issuing the musical bi-monthly Psalterium since 2007 and in the same year, the musical public praised our launch of the Cyril Internet Project – an electronic form of the magazine on the web and also another Internet project, the non-commercial publication of old prints by Alberik Mazák.

Thanks to the superb renown of the Society of Spiritual Music, our company was entrusted with administration of St. Nicholas Church in the Lesser Town in 2002, i.e. other than production of concerts, our main activity was overall administration of this important national cultural monument, ensuring its operation, tours, guide services, as well as provision of tourist information to tourists and also the inhabitants of the Czech Republic.

From the very start of our work in St. Nicholas Church, we have also held special masses for various occasions in cooperation with various parishes, as well as other social events of a clerical nature for the inhabitants of Prague and foreign visitors.

After ten years of successful work in this church, the Archbishopric of Prague decided in its capacity as the owner of the church, to no longer continue to use the services of our company in terms of administration of the church, stating that the activities ensured by us until that time would be assumed by them and ensured by their own employees in a newly established department.

Over the past ten years, we have organised hundreds of concerts, be this regular concerts of church music during the summer season, or concerts relating to Advent and Christmas time, which have become a tradition during the winter. In addition to this, we also actively support organisation of the Czech Television Advent Concert in St. Nicholas Church in the Lesser Town or in St. Vitus Cathedral. We always devote an exceptional amount of attention to dramaturgy and selection of performers. We strive to ensure that they meet the appropriate cultural and artistic level, but we also take into consideration who the concert is being held for.

We are a sought-after partner for travel agencies and companies for organisation of private events and an accompanying programme for incentives, congresses and conferences, not only in St. Nicholas Church, but also in other traditional and non-traditional premises.

We are expanding our activities to include operation of a tourist and information centre and tourist agency, sale of tickets to cultural performances, provision of complete incoming services, (incl. accommodation, restaurants, transport services, flight tickets, sight-seeing tours and trips and other accompanying programmes. All services we provide together with a small gallery with exhibits available to buy in the Galerie Michalská branch.

Ing. Dagmar Kerplová   Ing. Milena Holomková
Company Director   Public Relations Manager